Attic Media Is

Ryan Postma

A true collaborator, Ryan enjoys working with clients to create compelling visuals that bring stories to life. With years of experience producing and shooting for local and national broadcast media, he’s always looking forward, finding new and innovative ways to make every project stand out. Don’t let his easy-going approach, or flip-flops, fool you; Ryan is serious about visual storytelling and brings a unique vision from behind the lens.

Russell Kaye

A problem solver at heart, Russell brings national broadcast post-production experience to the team. Besides managing the post, graphics and audio editorial, he is skilled at designing digital media workflows that enable projects, large or small, to be managed as efficiently as possible. His keen eye for pre-visualizing graphics and effects on-set helps ensure that what’s captured in the field translates through the post-production process to a seamless final product.

Montana Cavarra

Her high energy, quick wit, and great work ethic makes for a perfect fit here at The Attic. With a background in television broadcast and a passion for organization and editing, Montana has quickly proven herself invaluable with coordinating productions, crafting stories in the edit bay, and making sure our clients’ commercials make it to air without a hitch. If things seem to be running smoothly, chances are it’s because of Montana.

Anje Postma

A quickbooks extraordinaire, and numbers queen, Anje is constantly cracking the whip on us creatives. With a keen eye on the bottom line, she keeps our doors open and ready to serve our clients. And yes, Ryan has to answer to her at home, too.