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Attic Media was formed out of a desire to give clients more. More creativity. More flexibility. More quality... and of course, more value.

Although the name is new, founders Ryan Postma and Russell Kaye are anything but. They have over 13 years combined experience in local and national media stretching from Boston to LA. After gaining experience in the national markets, they returned home to the Willamette Valley, and have been creating strong local media, individually, for the past four years.

The model for creating cutting-edge media has changed. Gone are the days of giant studios and large production companies. With the advancement of technology, and with today's lean economy, the production of visual communications needs to be quick and nimble… do more with less… cost effective without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Realizing this shift, Ryan and Russell joined together in late 2009 ready to serve their clients more creatively and effectively. With Attic Media, they have created a company that values collaboration, strong local relationships, and thrives on delivering high-end products at an affordable price.